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Religion and State in Israel - July 4, 2013

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Western Wall

Comedian Sarah Silverman is known for her outrageous shtick. But her sister, Rabbi Susan Silverman, and niece, Hallel, have become leading members of the Israeli activist group Women of the Wall, which fights for women’s rights to pray as they see fit at the Western Wall.

The Silvermans are well known for their involvement in the Kotel protests. But Susan Silverman’s husband, Yosef, is himself an activist for green solar technology in Israel.
Recently, videographer Harvey Stein travelled with the family to the monthly prayer protests under threats of violence.

VIDEO: A Day at the Kotel

The Jewish Forward editor Jane Eisner spent a day at the Western Wall, observing and documenting the rhythms and flows of the people who visit the Kotel.

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How Many Reform and Conservative Jews are there in Israel?
The first question we examined was "Do you feel that you belong to one of the denominations of Judaism, and if so, to which one?

The findings show that 3.2% of respondents see themselves as affiliated with the Conservative movement, 3.9% affiliate with the Reform movement, 26.5% affiliate Orthodox, and the rest do not feel that they belong to any denomination (9.7% said that they did not know or declined to answer the question).

In other words, Reform and Conservative Jews together constitute 7.1% of the Jewish Israeli public, and their demographic weight is thus a quarter of that of the Orthodox community.

By Moshe Koppel

Secular Judaism

Tel Aviv and Shabbat

Chief Rabbinate

By Dr. Aviad Hacohen



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