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Guma Aguiar VIDEOS

VIDEO: Guma Aguiar on construction of new Chabad Education Center overlooking Western Wall

VIDEO: Guma Aguiar donates property overlooking Kotel for new Chabad Education Center

Guma Aguiar speaks to Israel Channel 2 TV about his nervous breakdown and Chabad
November 24, 2010

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Jewish Billionaire Sues Prominent US Rabbi

By Baruch Gordon October 8, 2009

Energy industrialist and billionaire Guma Aguiar has filed a suit in the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court against prominent U.S. Rabbi Leib Tropper claiming that he misallocated funds intended for institutions and poor people in Israel. Rabbi Tropper's American attorney,

The two men were once very close. Aguiar was introduced to Rabbi Tropper by Aguiar's uncle and business partner, Thomas S. Kaplan.

Aguiar and Kaplan became co-founders and co-chairmen of Rabbi Tropper's Eternal Jewish Family organization. However, due to a serious financial falling out between Aguiar and his uncle, the latter is now the sole chairman.

Through their natural gas-exploration company Leor Energy, co-founders Aguiar and Kaplan discovered trillions of cubic feet of natural gas in Robertson County, Texas and ultimately sold their holdings in November 2007 for $2.55 billion.

Guma Aguiar lawyer's warning letter

By Daniel Eidensohn, Daas Torah - Issues of Jewish Identity May 8, 2009

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*Please find below an UNOFFICIAL translation of the original Hebrew letter.

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Yahoo! Mail

Guma Aguiar - Warning letter

Friday, May 8, 2009 10:54 AM

From: "Eitan Gabay, Adv."


Attn.: Without prejudice to rights

Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn

34 Shaulzon

Har Nof


Re: Your articles in the DAAS TORAH blog on the Aguiar family

Dear Sir,

In the name of my client, Jamie and Guma Aguiar, I hereby respectively direct your attention to the following:

1. For some period of time now you have written articles in your blog whose subject concerns my client and their family.

2. An examination of the written material in the blog is evidence of a serious violation of the prohibition of “lashon harah” (libel) and harassment.

3. The content in the blog is harmful and relates to the personal life of my client and their family. My clients are represented as those whose conversions are in doubt without showing any clear proof and without any indication of any decisive or clear proof showing that the conversions were not performed according to Halacha (Jewish law).

4. The statements on the site border on defamation of my client where there is no conflict nor connection whatsoever between you and my clients.

5. In addition, publishing your opinion in public concerning how donations were made by my client and decisions to whom to donate border on infringement of privacy and a violation of their right of privacy.

6. My client is now considering filing a police complaint in respect to the content in the blog and even filing an appropriate lawsuit against you in this matter. In addition, my client is willing to refrain from taking further action against you if within 48 hours you would remove from your blog all material connected to my client and his family.

7. I remind you that your refusal to remove the content as stated above will compel my client to instruct me to act as mentioned above, and be aware that this will cause you much anguish and large and unnecessary costs incurred by you.

8. No further notice will be sent.


Eitan Gabay, Esq.


13 Ben Maimon Blvd.

Jerusalem 92262

Tel: 972-2-5610095

Fax: 972-2-5610096


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May 9, 2009

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